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Wall hanging machine

The utility model relates to a wall hanging pipeline machine, which is a device connected with a pure water machine. It has heating or ice-making functions, generally used for home, office, school buildings and so on.

First, the definition of the wall hanging pipeline machine, pipeline machine also known as the Water Dispenser, the wall hanging pipeline machine as the name implies is can be hung on the wall of the pipeline machine. The utility model has the advantages of small shape, light weight, and can save space by hanging on the wall.

In addition, the utility model has the advantages of continuous water supply, no need to add water, multi-file temperature intelligent regulation, and intelligent regulation of water output.

Second, the wall hanging type pipeline machine function characteristic: 1, the fashion is concise, and the home perfect fusion, is each big business place best first choice 2. Easy installation, free choice, energy saving / Health / Sanitation / Environmental Protection 3. Set up a small terminal drinking water system to provide high quality drinking water 4, directly connect the drinking water pipe of water supply, convenient to realize multi-point water supply 5, storage tank uses high antibacterial materials, completely eliminate container pollution 6. Adopt high sensitive and high sealing pressure water inlet control unit.


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