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Why install a home water purifier Is seven reasons enough ?

Why would I install a home water purifier IS TAP WATER SAFE I think a bucket of water would be nice?

Huh When it comes to not installing water purifiers, a thousand consumers may have a thousand reasons not to But do you really know the current state of drinking water quality in our country Do you know the harm of residual chlorine You think it's safe to boil water Here are seven reasons why you should have a home water purifier!

01 The pollution of water sources is serious

 Data show that the monitoring results of 195 cities in China show that 97% of the urban groundwater is polluted in different degrees, and 40% of the urban groundwater pollution has a tendency to increase year by year. It also means that more than 80 percent of the groundwater is at risk of contamination. Among the main pollution indexes, "three nitrogen" pollution is serious, and some areas are polluted by heavy metals and toxic organic compounds to some extent.

02 tap water is not safe

 Data show that there are 765 harmful substances in the water, of which 20 are known to cause cancer, 24 are suspected to cause cancer and 18 cause stones. About 80% of diseases, especially chronic diseases, are caused by water pollution. At present, more than 98% of the municipal water companies in China still use the water treatment process of several decades ago. This traditional process uses flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection This traditional process can not remove the organic pollution and heavy metals from raw water. Tap Water is not safe.

03 The secondary pollution of tap water is serious

 the hygiene of the pipeline network and the high-rise water tank is not up to standard, the pipeline network is old and rusty, the property management of the high-rise water tank is neglected, the tap water is easy to be secondary pollution.

04 the well water and ground water are not safe either

 the acid rain and industrial and agricultural waste water on the earth seeped into the ground and caused pollution, so that although the deep well water is not as polluted as the tap water, it is high in calcium and magnesium ions Long-term drinking easy to heart and brain blood vessels, gallstones and other diseases. Deep well water is alkaline, and the human body needs acid-base balance, the human body of water requirements is weak alkaline.

05 antibiotics, a new force in water pollution

were first discovered and used to reduce deaths from bacterial infections, giving humans a weapon against death. But now, China has become a major producer of antibiotics as well as a major user of Antibiotics: the annual production of raw materials about 210,000 tons. At the end of 2015, CCTV reported that China's surface water was found to contain an alarming amount of antibiotics, and tap water from Gulou District residents in Nanjing was even found to contain Amoxicillin...... the country's major rivers Antibiotics detected in Huangpu River, Changjiang estuary and Zhujiang River.

06 boiling water may not be safe

to kill bacteria, some people boil water to drink, in fact, after boiling tap water, although bacteria were killed, but the body of bacteria still remain in the water, become the source of human fever That is, the medical term "heat" . At the same time, the loss of a lot of oxygen after boiling water, cold water watering flowers will wilt is the flower can not absorb oxygen from the water relationship. Human Body weight of 60%-70% is water, infants can reach more than 70% , cell metabolism is completed by the oxygen in the water. Therefore, drinking boiled water is not conducive to the body's oxygen supply, the body's cells due to Hypoxia and deformation, which is also one of the reasons for cancer.

07 barrels of water quality is not qualified

 the investigation showed that 30% of the barreled water is not qualified, its bacterial community seriously exceeded the standard. In addition to production reasons, the majority of the reasons are barrels, which contain acid is carcinogenic substances. The phenomena of fake water, black barrel, unqualified water, and the secondary pollution of barreled water in the course of transportation and use are frequently reported, which make the barreled water not very safe. Information indicates that at least 50 disease sources do not meet the standards for drinking water. Experts have confirmed that drinking contaminated, unpurified water can lead to gastritis, skin diseases, kidney stones, hepatitis, cardiovascular and even cancer and other diseases. Organic pollutants in water are often present in the order of Microgram or lower, and their effects on human health are cumulative and latent, which is easy to be ignored. Therefore, we want to remind you: attention to their health, care for the health of their families, the installation of a water purifier, it is very necessary!


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