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Ro All in one heater

With the development of science and technology, heavy environmental pollution, people's water quality is also greatly improved, so the age of water purifier came. Now the water purifier is no longer a pure water purifier, in the technological progress of today, the water purifier has been slowly attached with a lot of functions, into a multi-functional water purifier. One-in-one heating water purifier has become more and more common in the family, in the cold winter, every consumer wants to drink healthy, warm water.

1. The Ro filter system of the water purifier is integrated with the heating system, which changes the complicated combination of 1 RO water purifier and 1 wall hanging pipeline machine in the world, and reduces the user's extra purchase cost of the pipeline machine .

2. The water purifier Adopts Electric Quick Heating System, no inner liner high crystal silicon quick heating material, fast heating speed, 100 °c water temperature, high heat efficiency, stable heating performance, fully meet the National Drinking Water Standard .

3, do not use no electricity, put an end to the security risks in the unmanned state, put an end to thousands of boiling water .

4, super-large water box, ultra-filtration Faucet design, effectively solve the water purification and High Cup, kettle and other larger drinking water equipment .

5, the computer version touch button, LED with temperature display, filter life tips, at any time to remind users to replace the filter.


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